Christian Kiedaisch

Christian Kiedaisch

(PhD Toulouse School of Economics) works at the Department of Economics at the University of Namur (as “chargé de cours”).


Research Interests:

- Intellectual property rights

- Innovation

- Growth

- Inequality

- Consumer demand


Before joining the Department of Economics at the University of Namur, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Zurich and at ETH Zurich. I have obtained my Ph.D. from the Toulouse School of Economics.

My research is theoretically oriented and lies at the intersection between industrial organization and macroeconomics.
I study various issues related to intellectual property rights (IPRs), innovation,growth, inequality, and consumer demand. One focus lies on the effects of IPRs on cumulative innovation and growth, and another one on interactions between the distribution of income and wealth, the demand for new goods, IPRs, and (green) innovations. I am also involved in related empirical projects studying patent and consumption data.

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