TECHNIS is an interdisciplinary innovation and intellectual property platform that brings together practitioners and academics whose work focuses on all aspects of intellectual property (IP), involving the management of IP, the legal and economic aspects of IP, its history and its social implications.  Since 2014, we run web-seminars  that are open to all people sharing an interest in this topic.

Forthcoming seminar, Tuesday the 14th of April 2024 at 15:00 London time. The speaker is,

Michael Sinha, Saint Louis Un.AI Renaissance: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostic Medicine"

TECHNIS webinars for 2023-24

  • Carolina Castaldi, Utrecht University, Tuesday the 3rd of October at 11:00 London time
  • Igor Letina, University of Bern, Tuesday the 24th of October, at 11:00 London time
  • Steven Sturdy, University of Edinburgh, Tuesday the 14th of November, at 11:00 London time
  • Kean Birch, University of York, Tuesday the 28th of November at 15:00 London time
  • Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Technical University of Munich, Tuesday the 6th of February, at 11:00 London time
  • Christian Peukert, HEC Lausanne, Tuesday the 27th of February, at 11:00 London time
  • Jacob Madden, Yale Law School, Tuesday the 12th of March, at 15:00 London time
  • Andy Stirling, SPRU, Tuesday the 26th of March, at 11:00 London time
  • Maik Schneider, University of Graz, Tuesday the 16th of April, at 11:00 London time
  • Emilio Calvano, University of Bologna, Tuesday the 30th of April, at 11:00 London time
  • Michael Sinha, Saint Louis University,  Tuesday the 14th of May, at 15:00 London time


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