Andreas Panagopoulos

Dr. Andreas Panagopoulos

Director of TECHNIS, Associate Professor Department of Economics, University of Crete.



Tel: +30 28310 77395, Fax: +30 2831 0 77406

Research Interests:

- Innovation

- Intellectual property

- Startups

- Technology transfer

- University patenting and innovation


I am Associate Professor at the Economics Department, University of Crete, and the founder of TECHNIS. I hold a PhD from UCL, I lectured economics at Lancaster Management School and the University of Bristol, I was an RTN scholar at the University of Toulouse, and a visiting scholar at the Department of Management Strategy and Innovation at KU Leuven and the Law Department, University of Oxford. Building on a lifelong interest on the forces that shape innovation, I employ the tools of management science and economics to rethink the role of patents as R&D incentives. Currently, the emphasis of my work is on artificial inteligence, paying particular attention to the field of pharmaceutical innovation. My research has been published in management science journals such as Academy of Management Perspectives and in economic journals like The Economic Journal