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Spring term webinar presenters for 2017.

  • Shobita Parthasarathy, University of Michigan, USA
  • Mireille Mattt, INRA, France
  • Troy Scott, RTI, USA
  • Stathis Arapostathis, University of Athens, Greece
  • Bruno Brandão Fischer, University of Campinas, Brazil
  • Marius Buning, Max Planck, Germany
  • Matthias Geissler, TU Dresden, Germany
  • Gabriele Pellegrino, EPFL
  • Petros Gotsis, European Commission Joint Research Centre
  • Graham Dutfield, University of Leeds, UK
  • Katerina Sideri, TECHNIS


Past Seminars 2016-2017


30-05-2017 Sideri K., University of Cyprus, "Patenting diagnostics and the future of personalised medicine: Private property and the

romance of the public domain".

23-05-2017 Gkotsis P., Industrial Research and Innovation, EU Commission, “Technological diffusion as a recombinant process”.

04-05-2017 Scott T., Research Triangle Institute, USA, "Rewarding Innovation with Patent-Buyout Options".

25-04-2017 Dutfield G., University of Leeds, "Healthcare innovation and patent law’s ‘pharmaceutical privilege’: is there a pharmaceutical

privilege? And if so, should we remove it?".

28-03-2017 Pellegrino G., EPFL, "International Mobility of Inventors and Innovation: Empirical Evidence from the Collapse of the Soviet


21-03-2017 Geissler M., Technische Universität Dresden, "Alumni as strategic university resource for innovativeness and

competitiveness? Insights from a structured literature review on university and firm Alumni".

07-03-2017 Fischer B., University of Campinas, “Dynamics of Technology Upgrading in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Brazilian


31-01-2017 Parthasarathy S., University of Michigan, “Patents, Political Order, and the Public Interest in Comparative Perspective”.

24-01-2017 Matt M., INRA, "Towards a Typology of Science–Industry Licensing Agreements".

12-12-2016 Lipman A., UC Davis, "Cannibalism and Colonialism: Querying Property".

29-11-2016 de Rassenfosse G., EPFL, "Indigenous Innovation and (lack of) Intellectual Property Protection".

15-11-2016 Melero E., Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, "The Causal Effect of Patents on Inventor Mobility".

25-10-2016 Nikolic I., UCL, "Alternative Remedies to Injunctions in SEP Disputes".

11-10-2016 Iaria A., ENSAE, "Frontier Knowledge and the Creation of Ideas: Evidence from the Collapse of International Science in the

Wake of World War I".

07-06-2016 Pellens M., Centre for European Economic Research, "Guilt by association".

24-05-2016 Simeth M., Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, "Patent disclosure and the diffusion of knowledge".

17-05-2016 Zirulia L., University of Bologna, "Double Disclosures and the Negotiation of Scientific Credit in Research Teams".

26-04-2016 Papageorgiadis N., University of Liverpool Management School, "International Patent Systems Strength 1998-2011".

12-04-2016 Zhen L., Penn State University, "Impacts of the NIH Public Access Policy on Knowledge Diffusion".

16-02-2016 Berry D., University of Edinburgh, “Putting history to work in plant IP: synbio, agroecology, and the future of farming”.

26-01-2016 Charnley B., St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, "Miss Ormerod’s feeling for Community" .


Seminars 2014-2015


15-12-2015 Moreira S., IESE Business School, "Evading the boomerang effect: Using the Grant-Back clause to prevent loss of

advantage to licensing partners".

24-11-2015 Della Malva A., University of Leuven, "Voluntary disclosure and technological competition".

17-11-2015 Lazaridis G., EPO, "EPO Procedures and the Unitary Patent".

26-10-2015 Lekkas T., "Copying Software in the 1980s: an illegal practice or an aspect of computer use?"

21-05-2015 Svensson R., RIIE, "The Value of R&D: Can we use patent data to predict innovation?".

14-05-2015 Göktepe-Hultén D., University of Lund, "University patenting in Europe; Does faculty ownership of Intellectual Property

impede university technology transfer?" .

07-05-2015 Martin K., Fleming Institute, "Technology transfer at the Fleming Institute".

01-04-2015 Kolympiris C., University of Bath, "Geographic distance between venture capitalists and investees and the value of quality


18-03-2015 Grimpe C., Copenhagen Business school, "Markets for technology and the importance of firm-specific search for innovation


28-01-2015 Bottis M., "Patenting drugs".

17-12-2014 Rozakis S., AUA, "Research funding and academic output: The case of Agricultural University of Athens".

19-11-2014 Arapostathis E., University of Athens, "Industrial property, law and the politics of invention in Greece, 1900-1987".

04/06/2014 Panagopoulos A. 'A new way of incentivizing startup patenting"

21/05/2014 Brown A. "An introduction to pharmaceutical patenting, the case of PharmAthen".

30/04/2014 Sideri K. "Legal norms and patent policy".

12/03/2014 Stamatopoulos G. "Licensing non-linear technologies".

19/02/ 2014 Drivas K. "Using renewals in identifying the industries that rely on strategic patenting".

29/01/2014 Economidou C. "Knowledge flows and local innovation activity".

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