Markets, ethics and big data conference at St. Anne’s college University of Oxford on 20th June 2016


Organiser: Dr. Katerina Sideri (TECHNIS)

Venue: St Anne's College, Oxford

Technology transfer as a driver of innovative entrepreneurship in agriculture and the agri-food industry, 15-16 July 2015


Organiser: Dr. Kyriakos Drivas (TECHNIS)

Venue: Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Crete, Greece

Patent Policy in Genomics and Human Genetics: A Public Health Perspective, Wednesday 11 February 2015


Organiser: Dr Katerina Sideri (TECHNIS)

Venue: Haldane Room, Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford

Intellectual ‘Property’: From History to Policy and Entrepreneurial Concerns, 11-12 February 2014


Organiser: Dr Stathis Arapostathis (TECHNIS)

Venue: National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece


DATE: Monday 12 June – Tuesday 13 June 2017


Organiser: Dr. Katerina Sideri (TECHNIS)









Venue: Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre, St Anne’s College, Oxford.



Intellectual Property, Ethics and the Market in the Era of Personalised Medicine

Monday 12 June – Tuesday 13 June 2017

Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre, St Anne’s College, Oxford

Organiser: Dr. Katerina Sideri (TECHNIS)


The second of a three-year conference series on Personalised Medicine, Ethics and the Market, this multidisciplinary two-day conference will focus on Intellectual Property (IP) issues. In particular, the programme will bring together academics, practitioners and industry experts to debate ways to promote biomedical innovation in the public interest. Although current debate tends to be polarized, a spectrum of opportunities exists between strong proprietary approaches and unrestricted openness, and the conference will discuss ways to address the challenges and opportunities for personalised medicine. Topics to be discussed include innovation in diagnostics, data sharing and access to clinical trial data, open innovation and the impact of patents on clinical practice.


Talks from Professor Graham Dutfield (University of Leeds), Professor Shobita Parthasarathy (University of Michigan), Dr Nick Scott-Ram (Oxford Academic Health Science Network), Dr Mark Bale (Genomics England), Dr Lawrence Cullen (UK IPO), Dr Siva Thambisetty (London School of Economics), Dr Katerina Sideri (University of Crete, Technis research group), Dr Julian Cockbane (Independent Consultant Patent Attorney), Dr Naomi Hawkins (University of Exeter), Dr Richard Reschen (Oxford University Innovation), Professor Graeme Laurie (University of Edinburgh), Liam Curren (Genomics PLC), Professor Timo Minssen (University of Copenhagen), Professor Isabelle Huys (KU Leuven), Professor Chas Bountra (Structural Genomic Consortium, University of Oxford).


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